Destinations are

by design

visions of a place

you will find

when you take yourself

on a climb…

hiking to a place

you have in mind.

As you get

where you are going

important for the feet

to be knowing

when to turn around

and head home.



I tell the kids use

the brains in your feet,

to feel the ground

and calculate the weight

distribution that best achieves


stability and

forward momentum.


They tell me feet do

not have any brains.

Sometimes they slip.

Sometimes they take a fall.

The reusable water container

always hits the dirt trail

with a loud thud.


They pick themselves up

off of the hard ground.

Dusting off the contact

points, clapping hands;

never admitting

da feet

have any brains.


I turn around

take stock,

study faces.

They are much older

than I remember.

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