Denial with a Smile

Ugly is interesting

Beauty is basic

truth like incest

and nepotism

is relative

Ignorance is a virtue

the villan is the hero

Facts add up to zero

The stomach digests thoughts

and produces

presidential opinions


Pompous bully

is unruly


Grandfather booted

from Fatherland

Made for you

and me poet could

not stand the father


Wrote about it


At Wharton they laughed

when he raised his hand

Now the military

is at his command


Could not make it

without his dad

Same could be said

of the children he had


Folk singers age

and are gone

Social injustice

in a melodic song

of sincere protest

Can not be wrong

unless the premise

is something we can not

agree upon because

realities are made for

you and me

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