There is a valley
in Vermont where the
trees change colors and
the grass is always green.
On the corner of Main Street
and Old Country Road sits
a large white church in
need of some repair with
a cannon on its lawn
facing Main Street.

New England uses the
Revolutionary War narrative
like Disney uses fantasy
to entertain visitors.

The church is for Rent.

What happened to the
people who used to
congregate inside that church?
What is their story?

There is a modest white
church in a small town
in Texas where on Sunday,
November 5, 2017 a narcissistic
bully, void of empathy or
any trace of decency, armed
with a very efficient killings
machine shot forty six (46)

Twenty six (26) people died
immediately inside that church.

Maybe in fifty (50) years
or so this church will
be an historical site,
attracting tourist, like
a Confederate monument.


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